Happy Trails
Happy TrailsHappy TrailsHappy TrailsHappy TrailsHappy TrailsHappy TrailsHappy TrailsHappy TrailsHappy Trails

Happy Trails | Camel Leather Bag – Boho Bag – Small Pouch – Womens Accessories


Happy Trails

A rough cut of camel medium weight soft-finished leather. This bag is hand-cut, drilled and then hand-stitched and embellished. Feature embellishment on flap is a large oval African Turquoise (jasper) conch bead. Side beading includes green/blue ceramic tube beads and camel round wood beads. Strap is a single piece of camel leather with silver plated claw hooks on either end. Strap may be doubled or extended for bag to be worn across the body. Magnetic closure.

Size: 7″ high x 6.5″ wide (5.25″ usable width)

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Product Description

Each leather bag is crafted from rescued leather from a former Nashville shoe manufacturer. There occasionally are flaws in the leather due to manufacture and human handling over the years. Rather than hide the flaws, I prefer to bring them front and center, as I believe all flaws – human and leather – should be celebrated, not hidden! You may find a brand mark or a designer’s note written on the inside of the leather. This is one feature that makes each piece unique.

Each piece is named and signed, as they are all unique works of art! You can find the name and signature on the underside of a flap or inside the bag. When you purchase a bag from Melody Erickson Designs, you can be certain you will never run into another person carrying a bag just like yours!

Additional Information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 16 x 12 x 3 in


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