Compassionate Designs

Rescued Leather

My leather bags, jewelry and accessories are made with “rescued” leather. I call the leather “rescued” because I saved it from the landfill. How did that come to be, you ask? Well, for several years after moving to the Nashville area, I worked in the headquarters of a shoe manufacturer. At one point we moved into a new building, which led to a major clearing-out exercise, as is always the case in these situations. When the Product Design team emptied out their storage, we ended up with a huge pile of sample rolls of leather in our lobby. After the Boy Scouts had come and gone, the pile was still pretty big. I asked what would happen to the rest of the leather and was told it would likely be thrown away. No!

So I took it home. I moved this massive pile of leather several times over the years as I relocated from one area of the city to another and then one day I decided it was time. I created a single bag design, then played with some others. Then I tried some journals. Next, embellished cuff bracelets and necklaces. Finally, key fobs. (Notice how the items get smaller and smaller.)

My Process:
I use as much as possible of each roll of leather. Once I’ve cut as many bags and journals as I can from a piece, I begin cutting necklaces and cuffs. Then key fobs. The tiniest scraps are tossed into a box and will eventually become incorporated into mosaic 2-D art. I truly want to honor the spirit of the animals who “donated” the materials for the pieces I create.

Recycled Guitar Strings

I source my guitar string for necklaces and some leather bags from a local music store. I feel like I’m helping the planet by keeping them out of the landfill. I also like the idea that each string has possibly been on the guitar of someone famous. I wonder whose? Kenny Chesney? Toby Keith? Brad Paisley?